Thursday, May 25, 2017

Canadian family law questions in 2017

Is a child support order from a different province valid in Ontario?

Yes. Orders created by a court in any province or territory below the Divorce Act are recognized in Ontario. If not, orders filed with an Ontario court before they may be imposed.

Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?

Without consulting a lawyer, you can file an application for divorce; nevertheless, you need to probably achieve this before hand. Legal counsel can assist you to understand your rights and any potential issues that may potentially impact theoutcome of your divorce if you risk losing a lot.

How do you get a divorce?

To end your marriage you got to apply to the court to get a divorce. An application for divorce has to be submitted in a Superior Court of Justice or Family Court.

What is a simple divorce application?

For those who have no other claims, such as access, custody or support, you're able to request a divorce that is simple. A straightforward divorce can beprepared by one spouse or both as a joint application. The purpose of this application is to make the divorce move forward considerably faster.

Where could I find information regarding divorce and other family law issues?

Family Law Information Centres (FLIC) are for sale in Ontario family courts. You can find general information on the topic of other family law, divorce, alternative dispute resolution, court procedures along with separation -related problems.

Child support payments are not being made by my ex-husband.

You or the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) can take action to make certain that child support payments are made.

Do I require a divorce if I have been living with my partner for more than THREE years?

Only wedded spouses need a divorce. Yet, couples which have lived together to get a large amount of time might have issues to deal with when their relationship ends. Because your rights and obligations will generally be different than those of married partners you need to consult an attorney.

How much will getting a divorce cost me?

Court fees in Ontario are generally around $450, although settlements will be different. This includes the fee for filing the divorceapplication along with the fees that really must be paid before the divorce documents are reviewed by the court.
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